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Felted Leaf Mats in Woodland Style for Newborn Photography

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Felted leaf mats

These felted leaf mats are unique photo props for baby photography. I make them by hand in felting technique. They consist of superfine merino wool with a bit of natural silk fibers. Thanks to this composition they are durable and allergen free. Texture of wool and silk is just beautiful and will make every picture look magical. As these mats are handmade, there are no two leaves alike.

You can use these felt leaves in your studio or during outdoor shoots. They are perfect as natural mats or blankets for newborns, but you can also use them as backgrounds for objects photography or as parts of woodland backdroops.

On this auction you can choose amongst three types of leaves (simple leaf, maple leaf and oak leaf) and four popular colors (spring green, green, yellow and rust). Moreover, every leaf comes in one of three sizes. Buying many pieces will give you the ability to create beautiful fall and summer scenes. Dimensions of these felted leaf mats are as follows:


small: 25×15 cm (9.8×5.9 in)
medium: 50×25 cm (19.7×9.8 in)
large: 90×45 cm (35.4×17.7 in)


small: 25×20 cm (9.8×7.9 in)
medium: 50×40 cm (19.7×15.7 in)
large: 90×72 cm (35.4×28.3 in)


small: 25×16 cm (9.8×6.3 in)
medium: 50×27 cm (19.7×10.6 in)
large: 90×48 cm (35.4×18.9 in)


Safety note

These leaves contain long fibers and are for photographic purposes only. Do not leave newborns alone with them and make sure they do not put them into their mouths.



* International shipping: 5 EUR or spend 70 EUR to qualify for free shipping.

* Domestic DPD shipping to Poland (InPost or DPD): 3 EUR or spend 30 EUR to qualify for free shipping.



It usually takes 1-3 working days to complete and ship your order. Estimated delivery times are as follows:

- Countries outside of Europe: 7-20 working days.

- Countries in Europe: 4-7 working days.

- Poland: 1-2 working days.

Please, remember that these are only estimates and your delivery time may be slightly different, especially during a busy holiday period or when customs control occurs. If you are worried about your shipment, you can contact me at any time.


NOTICE: I ship worldwide except Russia, Ukraine, Albania, Angola, Bahrain, Bangladesh and Belarus. If you are from UK, please, place your order via my Etsy shop.

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Care Instructions

How to care about these mats

Due to its antistatic properties wool does not absorb dirt and dust easily. Therefore it does not have to be cleaned as often as other materials. However, if your mats get dirty, you can dry clean or hand wash them. I will include detailed washing instructions with your order.

General Notes

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