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Summer Fairy Figurine with Blonde Hair and Basket of Apples

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Summer fairy figurine

This summer fairy is a seasonal decor and collectible figurine in one. I make it in felting technique with attention to detail. You can put it on your shelf, table or windowsill, giving a warm touch to your interiors and making your home ready for summer. This fiber doll may be also a lovely housewarming gift for someone you love.

This beautiful blonde spends a lot of time in the fresh air. That is why her face and arms are so tanned. Her blue dress is long and sheer with a meadow pattern and fresh flowers on it. Lovely straw hat not only protects her head against the sun, but also makes her look really cute. The main activity of this summer fairy is picking fruits in the garden. At this very moment she carries sweet red apples in her basket and seems to be very happy and carefree.

When it comes to details, this felted figurine consists mostly of soft merino wool. I decorate its dress with natural silk fibers and small woolen balls as well. All these materials are natural and biodegradable, which makes this summer decoration environmentally friendly. I fix every prop of this summer figurine to her body, so this fairy will never lose them. I also stuff her dress. This way she is really stable and durable. As a result, she will stay pretty for long. If you like unique handicraft or just want to buy something nice to decorate your home, do not hesitate and choose this summer doll. She will stay with you and your loved ones for many summer seasons to come.

Figurine height: app. 29 cm (11.4 in)
Figurine weight: 100 g (0.22 lb)


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Care Instructions

How to care about this figurine

Due to its antistatic properties wool does not absorb dirt and dust easily. Therefore it does not have to be cleaned as often as other materials. However, if your figurine gets dirty, you can remove dust and debris with a lint roller or vacuum cleaner. If it needs to be refreshed, wipe it gently with a damp cloth or sponge.

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