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Warm Infinity Scarf in Orange and Brown with Merino Wool Lining

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Warm infinity scarf with wool lining

This warm infinity scarf is like other scarves of this type but it has a few features that make it special. First of all, it consists of natural materials: very soft merino wool and silk fabric. Also, it has a pattern and wrinkled texture. And finally, it has two layers. This last feature makes the scarf really thick and perfect for winter.

I make both layers of this scarf separately in felting technique. The inner layer consists of brown merino wool and makes the scarf cozy. It is the lining of this scarf. The other layer is nuno felted (it consists of merino and silk). It has a nice pattern icluding brown, orange and natural white tones that gives the scarf a beautiful look. As silk becomes wrinkled during the felting process, this layer has a nice texture with lots of small wrinkles.

After making this two layers, I sew them together with a sewing machine. This way I get a patterned neck warmer. It is really impressive and will give you artistic look at every occasion. You can wear it long, as a decoration, or make a double loop around your neck. If you do so, this warm infinity scarf will cope with the hardest weather conditions.

Circumference: 120 cm (47.2 in)
Scarf width: 18 cm (7.1 in)
Weight: 115 g (0.25 lb)

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Washing Instructions

How to care about felted handicraft

Merino does not need to be washed as often as other types of wool. However, you may want to refresh it from time to time. Felted accessories and jewelry keep their colors and shape if hand washed gently in warm water. Here is a detailed instruction on how to care about them (we enclose it in every shipment as well):


  • Wash your felt handicraft manually at about 30 Celsjus degrees using washing agents for wool.
  • Dip them gently, but do not rub - otherwise they may shrink or deform.
  • After washing, rinse your felt item with water of the same temperature, preferably with a rinsing liquid for wool.
  • Do not wring or twist felt - remove the excess water with your hands using a towel.
  • Spread out washed accessories on a towel to let them dry.
  • If necessary iron your felt item using 'wool' mode or applying a low temperature.

General Notes

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